Friday, June 09, 2006

yes, im back, frm indonesia, got back yesterday @ 1pm, safe & sound, ;) This is my 1st mission trip & wel, it was gd.. a different experience from wat i thought it would be.. all i can say is that, its not as tough as wat i thought it will be.. the situation is not as bad as Aceh, during the tsunami incident.. so my dear folks, i didnt lose any weight.. neither did i went through a lot of tough times.. most of us who are in the team thought the same way too like me,expecting tough, rough times.. anyway, stil it was a gd trip, where i get to make more friends, get to know some people more in depth.. & being there in a disastrous plce.. seeing many casualties..the rumbles.. the suffering.. am glad that spore does not have all these disasters..

I would still want to go for another mission trip, if there is one, that's definite.
There's too many things i wanted to say.. but gues its stil quite overwhelming rite now which i dun know how & where to start.. gues wil put it down wif the pictures.. ;)

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