Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This post is actually more for pauline, i know u'll be reading this.. ;)
I juz had the refresher course of Basic life support for healthcare providers.. ;) im not sure if ther's any new videos frm SGH over spore, but the one that was shown here is the latest, with the ratio of 30:2 compression. their videos are diff from the one we had back hm, videos are played n has pausing moments when we wil hav to do the practice, its gd u know.. the instructors dun reali hav to do much, juz play the video n pause it when the video say so, supervised the students abt their practical, n move on with the video. they oso practised with the face mask, we didnt do alot wif the mouth to mouth wif the manikin. same goes for the infant. they oso taught us how to put dwn the choking patient who turned unresponsive.. even for those pple who wil b bigger size than us. tat's realli gd u know. its reali easy. then the way they put the victims in recovery position is slightly different as well.. but i tink both way are quite fine as it is. ;) oh one more thing is that, as for the 2man CPR, there's no command for the changeover. each rescuer has to complete the 2mins cycle. its actualy not tat tiring to do the 30compressions:2breathe. ;) the whole session is not boring as we watch the video n do the practical as n when it prompt to, @ least i dun hav the chance to sit down for too long to get my sleepy.. ;D
wel, think that's all for the day!! hehehhehehe.. cant wait to put it all dwn here as im afraid tat i'd forget to put it dwn for u here. ;)

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