Sunday, October 08, 2006

wkend's gonna end soon & tml its the start of the orientation program.. its goin to be 2wks of classroom orientation, then 4wks of ward attachment.. hope everything'll go juz fine. ;)

its been rainy almost the whole day for a Sunday, but it doesnt realli bother me much.. its cold, chilly but im doin juz fine. i was thinking.. i can keep my whole body warm with all the clothes that i have but only one area that i cant.. gues wat.. its the face.. i wonder if ther's anyone who wil wear a mask to cover the face when its cold out ther.. hahahha.. imagine everyone in the streets wear masks.. ohh.. its like a masks party.. ;D

Realli, its not realli that tough as what i had imagine but well, mayb its bcos i have not started work yet.. it still feels like havin a holiday right now.. roaming ard the streets, taking pics..
cant wait for work to start actualy, bcos u know, once its started, then prob i can start looking for my own plce then gettin paid then life will reali start from ther.. yap.. i tink so.. ;)
#so far, i have not seen any singaporeans ard.. ther r lots of philipinos around that im sure.. cos the pple that im hangin out wif, they hav frens almost all over hte plce & these few days we went over to their plces.. & ther r chinese too, but the ones that i saw. .they r all from china.. no sporean.. except me.. hmm.. ther shld b i tink..
oh, when im more settle.. i'll look ard for plce to salsa.. so far, din see any plce yet to even dance.. ;)

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