Monday, February 19, 2007

It's amazing when i looked back of the past & browsing through friends pics and profile..
The things that i have obviously missed during my absence in singapore..
honestly, i do felt a little guilty.. but wel, there are always things in life that one has to miss when wanting to achieve something else in life, isnt?
im sure my FRIENDS will understand it. ;)

Apparently, few of my really good friends have delivered their babies,
some got married (the chinese customary wedding)
few got ROM
few getting ROM (eg: my dearest cousin, Xiande)
few going thru the customary dinner (eg: Charlie)

All these Dear Friends of mine are going to another phase of their life, and i am really happy for them, sending all my love to them and my dearest best wishes.
As for me, i am not in any hurry to get into this phase yet, so stop thinking that i might come back to singapore with a 'Mixed' baby or with a wedding ring on my finger. ;p
but, like jocelyn said, 'dun say no or never! U never know!'
well, yeah, u folks wil never know wat kind of surprise i will give u when i come back!! ;D

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