Saturday, June 23, 2007

It has been raining almost everyday for this week since we came back frm Rome.. But Fri was the worst.. cos it was the day when Aunty Mary and Chermaine are going back to spore... Time really passed so fast especially when u r having a gd time.

This is the 1st time when the 3 of us spend so much time together.. but it doesnt reali feel tat awkward or weird,, (for me @ least, i dun know abt how they feel) but gues i juz missed 'singapore' company so much that i realli appreciate tat they're here.

Honestly, i did wished tat they could stay a little bit longer.. i dun mind sleepin on my couch!

Realli appreciate Aunty to try to cook as much as possible in the house, i reali do missed her cooking & the homecooked food! although i hav a small spaced kitchen and limited appliances, she still managed to whip a good course of meals and even rebecca, her mum (aunty may) and channey were enjoyin her cooking. ;) Im glad that all of us did get along very well.

The 2 and a half week vacation has been so hectic, fulfilling, rewarding, so much going on that now i cant recall how i really feel during the trips tat we had made. It was kinda too overwhelming i guess, but i love this kind of feeling. I enjoyed being busy, having my schedule packed to the fullest, always on the move. Of cos, i do make some time to rest, relax, chill out, juz like now. ;) i would have gone out to salsa for the whole night.. but i chose to stay in, watch some tv prgm, update my blog, uploading pics to kodakgallery.. there is actualy a lot of things to do, to catch up, to clean up, to organise, so now i juz hav to try to do them as fast, as much as possible.. ;)

Travelling is going to be my next hobby! I really enjoyed the trips tat we had make. I am really excited to try to travel on my own, totally on my own! it would be a fantastic experience! Although i know it can be dangerous for a lady.. but honestly, tat would not stop me! kekkeke

My 1st trip all by myself would be to Frankfurt in July.. hahhahhah! Im looking forward to it!

Aunty Mary - Just 1 last note to say a Big THANK YOU for everything you have done!

I can still remember the 1st day when u gals are here, with all the stuffs you brought over frm spore for me, and the last day when u gals are going back, your luggages are filled with presents and souvenirs frm all the places we have been to.

Chermaine - I know it has not been a real easy and comfortable trip for you, in terms of rest, sleep u get here.. but i gues, i hope, u did had a great time too.

Although i had psychologically prepared myself abt yr leaving.. but still.. when the time really comes for departure.. i still teared.. sigh. i am such a CryBaby!!
I can imagine myself back in singapore.. and leaving to dublin again.. im going to cry @ the airport again! Tat realli Sucks Big Time!!

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