Friday, June 15, 2007

Its kinda unbelievable that i am now in paris, and the fact that i have been here for 3days already. There are so many things to see here, many places to go, and now im wondering where is my next destination! ;)
What i know is that i will definitely go back to Barcelona, Paris and Rome! Well, although i will b @ Rome in 2days time, but im pretty sure that i would not have enough time in Rome, as we are going to stay in Rome for abt 1 and half day only. These places are the ones that i think i would try to go back on my own again, so that i can go to the places that i want to go and see. ;)

Tomorrow will be spending the whole day @ the Disneyland, Paris, so guess that will be the best part of the trip (for me). Of cos, Eiffel Tower should be the best part of paris, oh wel, we have already went there on our 1st day in Paris.
Sadly to say that, this time round i couldnt, didnt take any night shots of Paris.. bcos the sun only get to sets abt after 9pm! and as we are always waking up early in the morning, so by the time we get back to our hotel abt 9+pm, Aunty mary and chermaine are already very tired.
Anyway, the weather here in Paris has not been really kind to us, cos it has been raining (on and off) frm the 1st day we're here! To think that it supposed to hot and humid in June! but the temperature over in Paris is almost the same with Dublin!! COLD!!!!
Realli hope tomorrow wil be a fine sunny day, with no rain!
Cant wait to go to Disneyland! ;)

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