Sunday, November 07, 2010

Many things have happened since i came back home this summer. There are so people whom i grew closer to, and there are also a few whom i grew apart with.. Sadly to say, im refering to my family.. Lots of the old memories came back to me, true feelings were finally opened up to, and although i do understand of why he would behave that way to me, and none of us can change the past, we would have to live with it and get on with it. We cant choose our parents, that i know. And we just have to accept it, that i did. We all have to forgive and forget, that i tried and thought i did, but somehow, i dont really think so. But im blessed in a way, that i have my siblings to count on, and through all these years, we have indeed grown closer and we are actually the ones that keep the family together. We are all different but similar in some ways or another, loving & supporting one another in our own ways, that is one of the reasons why i came back home, because i dont want to miss the important part of my little nephew's growing up, and certainly dont want to miss the times that i can spend with my little brother before he settles down with his own family.

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