Saturday, November 13, 2010

Like i have mentioned, next week seems to be the 'happening' week.. and to add on some tension and stress to the suspense of 'waiting'.. it seems that P's mum has pieced everything together by herself and know about our relationship.. O M G is the first 3 letters that came across my mind and the next thing i felt.. worries.. i am really not ready yet.. i can understand totally about her worries, while i am thousand miles away, everything about us just doesnt seem to be working right.. but really.. all i want to say to her is, please do not worry.. we will work it out ourselves.. but oh god.. honestly.. i dont really like this kind of feeling when i can feel the suspicions, doubts, judgements, insecurities.. but i also dun want to make the same mistake again by freaking myself out before anything is really going to happen.. So now, I have to tell myself to stay calm, be strong, have faith and believe. im just hoping that and dont want him to face these stress, questions, doubts by himself..

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Chris said...

relax...and remember...Destiny!