Sunday, November 07, 2010

Somehow, sometimes, i do have a little regrets of moving back home.. but it is also because that i have moved back to singapore, that has made Peter do all the small little things that have touched me in many ways.. Coming all the way to singapore for 3weeks for holidays.. despite of having a bad back and couldnt sleep on the long haul flight.. spending every single minute together for the 3 weeks he was here.. and he has asked me to go back to dublin.. even now, he is trying to learn mandarin on his ipod on his own.. even though i really want to go back there, but the difficult part is for me to get a job there, and it is not as easy as it used to be.. every day, everytime we chat on skype, it makes me miss him more and wished that i am back in dublin.. i miss everything back there, the city, my friends, the fashion.. lol ;)

Wish me all the luck, have faith & stay strong!! :)

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Chris said...

I think P should go to S'pore, Ireland is finished...there's good opportunity there for you both!!