Monday, June 20, 2005

monday blues... i reali can associate myself wif Garfield... i hate mondays too!! esp if i hav to do morning shift on monday... today was like a zombie walkin ard.. but my sleepy mind got snapped out when i get to b busy wif work.. but thru out the 7hrs shift work.. tink i was onli wide awake (my usual self) for mayb abt 2-3hrs.. the rest of it.. was kinda in my dreamland.. but of cos not totally switched off.. cant afford to b totaly switched off man.. din hav dinner as well.. cos dun feel like having it.. feelings.. i always go wif my feelings.. and i always trust my intuition. never under estimate a woman's intuition.. as we r the more sensitive species compared to men.. i can b emotional.. but am rationale too.. ther r times i feelt tat im too rationale.. but tats bcos i dun wan to make any mistake in the decisions i make.. i've never regret any decisions tat i've made so far in my life.. cos i oso believ tat ther r sometings tat r predestined too. ther's always a way out to any difficulties or problems u face in life.. take the rough path as a test frm the god' above us.. (although im not reali into any religion yet) but tats wat i believe in life... tings happen for a reason.. n watever the reason mayb, it depends on how u look upon it. it'll b bad, if u look @ the pessimistically.. it can turn out to b a gd ting if u look @ it the other side.. so.. its all in yr mind!! the mind of one is a veri powerful tool.. it can do lots of wonderful tings which no one can reali imagine.. gosh.. gotta stop these crappin.. tink im reali exhausted .. frm dun noe wat it can b.. cos i hav been feelin tired the whole day actualy.. hahaha.. i tend to talk rubbish, nonsense, non stop when im tired but am keepin myself awake.. cos i dun wan to sleep so early.. anyhow, reali gotta stop..

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