Sunday, June 26, 2005

a wk has passed without realising it.. gosh.. tis wk has been rather hectic.. onli busy wif work for tis wk.. didnt go salsa dancing @ all.. sigh.. wat the hell.. tis wkdays goin on nite shifts.. so definitely gotta make my way to union on sat nite to make up for the missed dances for tis wk!! salsa dancing is the onli 'workout' for mi since april.. gotta take up some other dance classes after july.. im bored wif my life juz shuffling wif work oreadi.. i missed goin for classes.. courses.. cant wait for the JCI audit to finish in july.. then i can get my hectic social life back!!
gotta go for dinner soon.. onli had egg mcmuffin @ 11am @ work til now.. shucks..

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Chris said...

Hang in there, angel ...

Praying for you. Give me a shout if you need anything food delivery. Will be working late, so can do deliveries. =)