Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Had a gathering wif my gd frens-colleagues when i was in the general ward.. had the usual bitchin session.. n then a topic brought up by Sim.. my fav Senior staff whom i learned lots of tings frm her.. WHAT IS LIFE? WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR?... She shared a few cases that she had.. she's a palliative nurse now.. pple are afraid to die.. they wonder.. what's after when i died? am i goin to heaven or hell? Sim dropped this questions to us, "do u knoe wat's the purpose of yr life?" "Do u tink u wil go to heaven or hell when u die?" "hav u ever ponder abt wat's goin to b nex after u die?"
Everyone's life purposes are different. What my purpose in life is tat i could go round the world n understand the pple, the history, the cultures, n share wif them wif wat i've learned, what i know.. making a difference in pple's life, to my life as well. i do hav many dreams n wishes.. if i can, i wish tat i could explore as many plces if i could..

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