Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tues- Went for my orthopaedic follow up appt after work.. Met my Mentor, Rajam @ the clinic. She had a fracture of her elbow frm the fall @ the market.. Poor Thing!! we talked & talked like ther's no tomorrow & ther's so much to catch up wif her!! Im so happy tat she's doin & coping well @ CTSICU over the other hosp (better dun reveal too much here.. ;p) Anyway, i brought her back to SICU to c our new renovated ICU & do some catchin up wif my other colleagues.. We reali had a great time chatting!! I missed her so much..! missed workin wif her & the 'original' gang of SICU.. we're such a great team!! she kept telling mi, "When r u coming over?" , "Juz giv mi a call if u wan to come over as well", "it shldn't b a prob if u wanna come over. i can inform the sister over ther"......... this is so tempting....!!!!!! i've always wanted to transfer over ever since im over my hosp, cos since my training times as a student nurse, i've been training over the hosp she's @ now.. but over here now, i stil hav my dear, close colleagues & workin over here has not been reali too much for mi to bear yet.. right now.. im stil able to tolerate the 'nonsense', crap.. til one day when i cant bear it anymore.. then i'll move over. ;) yap, tats one of the plans i have in mind. ;p

my conversation wif my ortho dr..
Doc: R u feelin any better now?
Me: No... my knees hurting again.. i did some sports last 2 wks.. & the pain is back again..
Doc: did u go for yr physiotherapy??
Me: hmm....... no........ i need another memo frm u.. i'll definitely go for the physio tis time..
Doc: huh? u stil haven go for yr physio yet??
Me: *grinning* nope... but this time i reali want to go..
Doc: y?? so wat do u wan me to do with you now?
Me: cos im planning to try out other sports.. so this time i reali wil go physio 1st..
Doc: Wat sports do u wanna do now.....? *questioning look*
Me: im goin to do wakeboarding & diving..... *Smiling*
Doc: Wat...?? (HAHAHA) then yr CMP (my diagnosis for my knee prob..) wil never get well liao loh..
Me: *smiling..* nvm.. as long as it don't hurt tat much can oreadi..
Doc: okie.. so do u want any painkillers?
Me: Nah, i dun need it, i can bear wif it..
Doc: Wat abt yr glucosamine? do u need it?
Me: hmm, nah.. i stil hav..
Doc: Stil hav, means u hav not been taking it loh..???
Me: eh.... *grinning*
Doc: Pls rem to take yr glucosamines & go for yr physio ah....
Me: okie okie.. tis time i'll b a veri gd patient..
Doc: okie. then i'll c u in 2mths times la. i hope i wont be writing dwn " stil haven't go for her physiotherapy yet" again..
Me: okie okie.. *smiling*

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