Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Went to watch this show yest wif Aunty Mary, Crystal & Jason. got 4 free tickets.. due to the event @ Gotham Penthouse.. ;) this show is hilarious!! reali had a gd time watchin this show!

Went for my orthopeadic followup after work yest as well.. wel, usual stuffs.. continue yr physiotherapy & supplements, tats wat the Doc said.. the pain im having now is more frequent.. but gues juz gotta do wif it..

anyway, went dancing after the show, had a great time (as usual) :) best thing of all, im having my day off today!! ;) although i slept late last nite, ard 2+.. but woke up @ 8am.. went to have breakfast wif Mum & sis, b4 they off to work.. ;) its been quite awhile since i had breakfast wif them.. now, gotta get ready to leave my hse to go for a swim..!! hope it wont b raining!!! ;p

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