Monday, October 10, 2005

Yesterday, while on the bus heading home, met an 'ex-colleague' whom i have not seen her for many years.. got to know Christina, a captain/manager @ Long Beach restaurant when i was onli 14/15yrs old.. i was workin part time @ Long beach then & cos she living veri near my plce, we would stil see each other once in awhile.. the last time i saw her was when i was still in poly doin my diploma course.. Im reali surprised to see her last nite & she could stil recognised mi..!! she said that i didnt change much.. wonder if tat sounds gd.. but anyway, she stil rems mi, tats the point. ;p
She's stil the same, chatty like b4 & wel, stil workin @ the same plce!! come to think abt it, we actualy kinda know each other for 10yrs!! Gosh!! reali cant imagine!! ;D Somehow or rather, she had kinda watched mi grown up.. frm i was 14/15 til now.. haha!! Can stil rem the times i had @ Long beach, it was reali fun!! was workin as a waitress then, & was with Christyne. When we 1st went for an interview for the job, the manager (male) asked us after looking @ our application.. "Aren't u gals in the polytechnic?" Both of us were like, "haha..!! no, we're stil in secondary school.. :)" Both of us are tall, (i was 1.67, & she's ard my height) & then i was having long permed hair.. then, tat was a compliment. When u're teenagers, u always wanted to look more matured, grown up.. but when u r in mid 20s or more than tat, u would wan to b younger..!! hahaha ;DWomen!!

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