Monday, March 31, 2008

Finally get to meet up wif chris after 2busy weekends of salsa & travel. ;)
We finally get our warm butts out of the house on sat afternoon despite of the on/off raining weather.. typical ireland's weather anyway.. Got on the Dart n went to Howth. ;)
Although it does looks reali blue n great weather in the pic.. it was cold n raining earlier when we juz reached howth. Pics @ the harbour were taken after our fantastic lunch @ Deep 2 Restaurant.

Starter - Mediterarean Soup.
It is really GoooooooooD!!

Seafood platter for 2.
Chris Favourite - the prawns tempura!
My fav - prawn salad
The seafood is so fresh here n so much cheaper too!!
Salmon n calamari r very good too.. Geez.. the whole plate is cool!!

Dessert - Death by Chocolate
Needless to say.. this dessert blows the 2 of us away too..
Im a choc lover, but for chris, who doesnt take too sweet stuffs.. he likes the dessert too.
its not too sweet, n the combination is really perfect!

The whole restaurant has realy nice ambience with a very cool bar & heaters all around the plce. Good Food, with good service from the servers, wat else r we asking for.. we r giving both our thumbs up for this plce! For this lunch, it is even less than 40euros in total! Great Deal!

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