Thursday, March 20, 2008

it has juz been such a reali crazy week after the nite shifts, that ther were so many thoughts, feelings flashing past through my crazy mind.. tat, it almost reali drives me crazy..
Ther could b only 1 word to describe it.. CRAZY!

nevertheless, it was stil pretty an awesome wkend, although i cant spend the wkend wif chris.. wel, tat is mainly bcos tat i was attending the dublin salsa congress during this st patrick's wkend. So 3full days of salsa workshops during the day & Salsa dance parties @ Nite..

This is the one of the best times too, to dance wif really gd dancers, frm overseas, which of cos i did.. honestly, i dun reali know who they r, or their name.. cos i am rather quite clueless abt the european salsa scene, wel, its doesnt reali bothers me much, cos all i want is to have a gd dance!

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