Monday, March 10, 2008

Finally get the chance to update my blog, my god.. i reali dont reali like to work one 1week of night shifts sometimes.. But luckily, before i go on working on the nights, i had a great weekend spending time with my sweetie, Chris, ;p

Went to watch U2 3D movie wif him on Fri night when he's over in dublin. Took random pics wif us in the goofy 3D glasses before the movie starts

Then, on sat, after my dance practise, we went back to the north to his plce, got the last rain to portadown, and spent the night @ his plce, as we're going to East Midlands, UK, to get his new baby. That was my 1st time going over to his plce, 'meeting his family', honestly, i was really nervous & scared too.. we woke up early on sat morning to start baking scones n muffins, ;)
Scones for his family, as he told me tat his parents love the scones tat i baked the last time he brought home.. so, this time got him to help me with the baking as well, ;) muffins are for my team mates, n of cos, they're delicious, lol. It was really great fun to be baking with him too, after knowing from his mum tat he doesnt help her with her cooking, im glad he did, with me. ;p

So after gettin a few hours of sleep @ his plce, we took an early flight to East midlands, and it was our 1st flight together, out of ireland. ;) wel, it can be considered as our 1st trip, but we didnt reali take lots of pics though... cos most of the time, we're on the road.

Not surprisingly, me in the car.. fell asleep.. and.. ... .. i was asleep most of the time in the car...!!
tat explains why there isnt many pics.. ;p but still, we did have a gd trip (i think).. cos i wasnt much a trouble to him.. and i did tried my best to be awake especially when he needs me to tell him the directions from the list he had printed out before the trip.. kekekkeke. And after driving from Uk all the way to Wales.. we took the ferry back to dublin, & drove back to his plce. Just in 2days, we had already took almost all the transport on earth!! Train, Car, Plane & Ferry!!

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