Friday, July 15, 2005

2 more days to the JCI audit.. reali driving all of us crazy.. making all of us feelin tired, stressed & fed up with it.. i believe everyone of us cant wait for it to be over.. anyway, all of us hope tat we can get through wif it successfully.. but reali wonder if we can reali do it..

mind's rather empty now, as i cant put in any other info.. cant tink of anyting else but the policies.. the JCI.. hope i wont fumble like wat i did yest for the day when the actual auditors come.. gosh.. but i believe i can do it better.. i know i can though ;) gotta remember to take deep breaths, stay cool & calm... ;) mon- i'll b on AM shift.. officially, the auditors suppose to come to our ICU on monday afternoon but they might come earlyier than the time they gav us.. tues to thurs wil b on nite shift wif ruth.. but the auditors most prob wil come on nite shift to audit. tats wat reali happen to the other hosp tat they hav visited before, so cant let my hair dwn man..

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