Sunday, July 03, 2005

u wont realise how time flies when u r always busy n occupied wif stuffs.. its July now!! cant believ it.. half of year 2005 had juz passed by.. its time for some refletion on wat hav i done for the past 6mths.. hmm.. in the earlier part of the yr was busy wif rehearsing for the chingay performance, was doin kickboxing classes as well then but since after the chingay.. i hav not been doin much.. onli dancing, workin.. ooh.. wel, @ least i did spend some time wif close frens... okie.. tats quite gd for mi then.. cos sometimes i dun even mit up wif them for mths.. tat im reali guilty abt it.. its not i dun miss them @ all.. its juz tat, like i said earlier.. i dun realise time pass tat fast when everyday im occupied wif work n stuffs.. ;p hehehehe.. tats rather a dumb excuse.. but heck.. i can b real blur @ tings like tat.. & rem pple's names.. i might look smart.. but not @ all tings yah.. wel, nobody's perfect!! hahahah.. ;)

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