Monday, July 25, 2005

went to watch this show ' The island" on sunday.. quite impressed wif the creativity & imagination tat the script writer has upon this show.. its not reali like harry potter or lord of the rings stuffs like tat.. its abt how advanced medical science can get to.. human cloning.. yes, pple r doin it now, but in the show, the clones r oreadi in adult sized when its finish.. they showed how the clones r 'born' too.. juz like a normal delievery of babies.. breaking the 'waterbag', cutting the umbilical cord, clone taking his 1st breath.. its reali amazing how they shoot this movie.. i reali hope tat ther'll b one day tat i can c how they shoot movies.. its reali amazing.. Ewan McGregor is charming too.. charming eyes.. wif a beautiful, sexy Scarlett Johansson.. (whistles) i quite like the outfit/uniform they're wearing in the show too, White in color.. ;) but is reali kinda freaky if everyday u've to wear the same outfit.. n messages on the wall panel.. even in the toilet.. testing yr urine.. everyting is under control.. the institution they're in.. its juz like a prison.. but not reali like one.. cos stil has nice swimming pool, pub, wine bar.. haha.. anyway, this show is reali cool & nice!

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