Monday, July 18, 2005

today's the 1st day of the JCI audit.. every1 of us were anxious, stressed abt it.. cos we dun noe wat time is the auditor coming.. although the schedule was oreadi planned @ 3pm-5pm.. but we wont reali noe if they'll keep to the schedule.. tats y we're kinda stressed abt it.. but.. eventualy, HE did walked into the ICU @ 3pm.. by then the morning staffs were oreadi being shuffed into the staff room n we started to 'chase' the juniors to go back.. the last few remaining.. was ruth n mi.. ;) wel, by the time we manage to get ourselves out of the ICU was oreadi ard4.30pm.. initialy, we wanted to go back home.. then she asked if im goin anywher.. so in the end, we went to anchorpoint supposingly for coffee.. but we had our late lunch cum early dinner @ KFC.. chatted, frustration & grievances vented.. it was ard 6.30.. then i said.. shall we go back n take a look n c how the audit goes.. so back to the ICU.. chatted wif S.A & B.K & Ah bang.. so got updated with how the audit goes.. everyting's pretty okie.. but.. ther's stil 3 more days to go.. ther'r 2 more auditors whom might juz pop in n audit again.. anytime.. even @ 3am!! gosh,, crazy isn't??!! by the time we left the ICU, it was abt 8.15pm.. we practically had the whole day spent in the hosp (minus the time @ anchorpoint) but we dun mind it @ all though. ;)

3 more days for this whole JCI tingy to end.. tml i'll b on nite shift.. hope the super onz auditors wont come in the middle of nite to audit man..!! cos' in the nite, we're totally on our own!! so scary!! but wel, i'll b on nite shift wif Ruth.. hehehehe.. shldn't be a prob!! stil hav her!! ;p
may god bless & hope this horrifying audit will get over soon & most importantly, pass the audit so that we wont need to go through it again in 3/6mths time..!!!! (if its 6mths time.. tat'll b Xmas period!!!??)

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