Friday, February 10, 2006

The feeling of Falling In Love,
feeling of missing somebody so much,
feeling of holding someone's hand,
the feel of cuddling,
feelings of planting soft kisses..
i cant help checkin out what are u up to
that's one of the way that i know what's goin on
i wonder sometimes
do u think of me just like the way im thinking of you too
i know i shouldn't feel the way that i used to feel for you
i should have stopped
i had stop but im still here, @ the same place
maybe u have found yrself another
that's what i can only tell to myself
we are just not destined to be together
even though you're the one that i can really feel the connection with
you are the only one, so far..
i can feel it & i know it
the feelings that i have for you i cant hide,
but that's all i can say..

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