Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine Valentine Valentine.. how did u spend the big V day? Is it reali impt?
There are many who still thinks Valentine's is one of the biggest day of the year, wel, to most females yes.. But do you really think/feel that this is the only day for yr partner to be romantic, sweet, send you flowers, bring you out for expensive dinner..?
For a couple to show their love & concern for each other, isn't suppose to be every day, every hour, every min..? Of cos it'll be extra, ultra, super duper sweet to spend the V day wif yr partner.. but wat abt those who are singles? Valentines Day is oso a Friendship day!!!

I remembered for one of the V day which the 3 of us were together.. PS,XL & me.. were @ suntec.. & that was my 1st time receiving flower.. PS bought a rose for each of us.. we were single then.. it was quite a rare opportunity/chance that the 3 of us were of the same status @ the same time.. juz like the time when the 3 of us were attached.. like now, PS's attached whereas, XL & me are single.. in a way.. ;)

Anyway, i did had a date on the V day, although it was not with the person that i would love to spend it with. but stil, the night was still great. The love in the air was a bit too much with couples all over the place.. it was a little influential too actualy. ;) it was a romantic night out its all i can say.. (after the dinner, to be exact)

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