Friday, February 24, 2006

finally, im on leave!! finally i can sleep late, wake up late & not going for work.. im so freaking tired of working.. but.. im not goin anywhere during this wk of leave.. supposingly to bangkok wif my Jiemeis but kinda last min cancel the trip so left me haing no time to realli plan something else.. not reali last min cancelling the trip though.. its juz tat i've been very busy wif my schedule tat i dun even have time to make my own plans.. so whom to blame.. its me myself & I.

Anyway, wil make use of this wk of leave to finish watching the DVDs tat i borrowed frm frens.. miting up wif some of my frens whom i have been neglecting.. ;(

well, looks like its goin to be a busy wk afterall..

did a personality test recommended by jimmy.. ;)

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