Thursday, February 02, 2006

finally, had broke out whole body of sweat today after so long..
had never felt so good for so long..
not even when dancing salsa nowadays..
i really missed the feeling of perspiring
the feeling of working out on my body
Fond old memories keep flowing back to me
i missed the times when we're playing the game of netball
the teamwork, the spirit, the hardwork
the way we pushed one another
the way we trained hard
the way we played the game
the way we go all out in the game
we were serious in our training, our practise, our games
but it never spoil the friendship betw us
instead we grew closer & knew one another better
to my gd frens whom i knew frm netball
ever since from my secondary times
i missed the times when we trained hard in the rain & enjoying it
to my gd frens frm Nanyang poly
i missed the times we trained super super hard under mee hong
& the times we go for supper after each training.. ;)

today, i had netball practise wif pple in my workplce.. dun realli know how should i feel abt it.. but anyway, as long as i had worked hard, perspired, im happy.
i can only say that the training is not enough, for me & even not enough for the rest of them..... sad but its the truth.. if they're thinking of winning the competition that's coming on march.. we really gotta work hard pple!!!!!!!!

(frm Shuqun & NYP, sob sob)

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