Saturday, August 12, 2006

Its been a long time since i had ever felt so sick that i thought that i could die from almost coughing my whole heart & lungs out... i know its exaggerating.. but reali, its kinda serious that it actualy got me stayed home (most of the time) for 2days, okie.. honestly, i had to stay home for the 2days with my head spinning almost 360degrees, bodyached like its been bashed up (wel, i dun realli know how tat reali reali feels..), & with a body so hot that i can never imagine (its the temp tat im talking abt).. okie, obviously, my brain is still burned up somewher, wire not fixed, screw/s loosen.. Wel, mayb like wat my mum said, I've been workin myself out too much & for too long.. so, now my body is breaking down to tell me to slow down.. wel, everytime i fall sick, i hear the same thing.. & lucky thing is tat i dun fall sick tat often.. so i dun have to get that sarcarsm tat often.. or mayb its the truth.. ;(
I know im a pusher.. not to other pple, but to myself.. but i juz love it, i dun know y.. ;p there's a lot of things that we dun know why we like it, love it or hate it.. its juz in our guts.. we juz kinda knew it.. isnt? i juz love the wonder of this. ;p
okie, folks, its time for this FON (full of nonsense) gal to take her rest, rest her mind frm all this spinning the world crap.. .. .. & to be in her fantasy princessy dream world..

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