Sunday, November 19, 2006

its been a busy week for me in the ward, and a little frustrating at times.. but wel, thankfully its over and luckily i dun hav to work on the wkends. i reali love it when its coming to the wkends, i can juz rest @ home, in the room, gettin online for the whole day and catch up wif frens n my family, esp on sat.. ;p despite of the busy week, the god thing that has happen is that i had received the package that Charlie had helped to send my things over, with my webcam!! finally, my family and frens can see mi, well, actualy, although ther's nothing much to see cos i haven changed a bit at all.. but hey, it stil feel different when u can see pple thru the screen of yr pc instead of the real person standing in front u! juz like when i can see my dog on my screen but he couldnt see me when i haven receive my webcam yet.. he was terrified to hear my voice coming out frm the pc!! but when on Sat, my family saw me thru my webcam, and when my dear coco heard my voice nad saw me from the pc,,,, he was looking @ the pc screen and he was wagging his furry tail!! he juz kept looking @ the screen, argh...!!! i know he missed me lots lots n lots..!!! ;D i almost cried!! honestly, the thought of coco would juz bring tears to my eyes.. my sis was tellin me that he kept on coming up to my bed and stay on my bed... i missed him terribly too! okie, i dun juz miss my coco.. i juz missed everyone back home, back in spore.. everyone !!! !!!

xmas is coming near.. and it did make me miss home much more, cos i would b busy gettin presents for almost everyone, organise xmas party for my family.. ahhh.. although its stil a little early early for xmas, but in the supermarkets, shops here, they are oreadi selling the decors for xmas, lights are up in the streets.. although i wont b in spore for xmas this yr.. but im stil looking forward to spend my 1st xmas in dublin, i wonder how would it b like.. ;>

juz like wat my sis was telling, this yr prob it wil b a quiet xmas for my family cos im not ard to do all the organising for the party.. wel, at least it does make them miss me more!! hahahha!! when i come back, i'll definitely make a big grand xmas party!! ;D

i hav onli been here for a mth+, and yet im oreadi tinking of the nex 2yr.. when i go back, wat am i goin to do, stufs like tat... gosh.. its so like me.. always have plans in my mind, knowing wat i wan.. hehehehe.. ;p right now, i juz wanna get thru the probation period (they called the adaptaion period over here), then i will start checkin out the plces, salsa.. and prob take my driving license here, wil see how it goes.. ;p


evie said...

have a great x'mas u will! i dreamt of Dublin last nite and was wondering, maybe i'll come visit u next year!! :P

destiny said...

cool!! if u reali coming over anytime nex yr, do give me a buzz ya!! ;)