Monday, November 06, 2006

I've been here in Dublin, Ireland for a month without my realisation.. its not bcos i am having fun and enjoying myself over here.. its oso bcos i hav been busy adapting myself, gettin used to be here myself 'alone'.. n goin to work.. gettin to know the ward staffs, the routine.. but am gettin the hang of it.. never realised that i am actualy that pampered (in a way).. laundry, groceries shopping, thinking of what to buy in the supermarket, wat to prepare for meals.. actualy these are the only 2 things that i dun know to do.. .. but its enough that the kind phlippinos in the house to treat me like a little gal.. even the indians too..

I remembered the 1st time i was preparing to cook scrambler egg, the indians were standing bhind me, tryin to see, askin me wat im doin, luckily i stil know how to cook instant mee, eggs.. And when i tried to cook Rice, without the rice cooker, fyi there's no rice cooker in the kitchen.. i was washing the rice.. one of the indians, a senior one, asked me wat im trying to do.. so i told her abt it, bein my 1st time coking rice without the rice cooker, she eventualy helped me with it.. hahaha!! although it turned out to b a little wet, but stil it was my 1st time!! with the help of kind soul.. and my 1st time preparing pasta, i wanted to have carbonara pasta, so i was gettin the ingredients ready, and was abt to start, then one of the philipinos walked in and asked me wat im doin.. so after i told her, she helped me to prepare it..!! ;D i onli tried my hands in the kitchen after 2 wks i had been here, all these while, i was watching them cooking, and all of them knew tat i dun know how to cook, so that's y when i started to try cooking, they would come forward and asked me and helped me with it!! probably they are scared that i would accidentally burned the whole kitchen and house down!! ;D

Over here, its so different.. here, im being treated like a little gal, i am being looked after, actualy, it reali felt nice to be looked after in a way.. i remembered i told michael abt this.. ;D but of cos it does not always feel so good being treated like kid, cos i am not one.. esp when someone tries to act as if she knows everything and when wat i said is obviously right, she would stil insist on her way.. so no choice but to do it her way, and then when it cant work out, stil gotta do it my way.. ther're many times when i do feel frustrated with her, but stil i gotta keep my cool and tolerate her attitude, cos honestly it doesnt reali matter, and its not tat impt, juz do it her way n prove tat its wrong, then show her the right way, its tat simple. ;) but generally, she is stil a veri nice lady with strong character although a bit more self centered than i thought, but stil i believe there's always a reason and affinity that i got to know her when i reached dublin. ;p

now i know why varun called me kiddo.. sigh.. i wonder if that's a compliment or sarcasm.. of cos i often see things in a positive side.. ;p ther r times when i tink i do need someone to look after me.. ahahahaa!!

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Maydeline Chin said...

aiyo gal, u should learn cooking from me long ago.... so that u won't b so paiseh, as if u dunno how to do anything... haha... looks like meimei can do better than jiejie leh.... =)