Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i remembered how eager i was for my webcam to be send over, so that my family and friends can see me thru it via the internet.. but on the other side, i was kinda upset that i have it too.. . cos the 1st thing that my parents saw me thru the cam on Sat.. they said i had put on weight!! argh!!! pple who had known me frm home know how much i hate it when i do put on weight.. this is bcos the 1st plce i would put on weight is on my face!!! shucks!!!
how can i not put on any weight when i almost eat rice everyday over here? i avoid rice when i was in spore! although i used to love having rice, and i must have rice for at least one of the meals, but ever since i started work, and less exercise.. the onli form of exercise tat i have is salsa dancing and occasional netball games. and furthermore, when i was @ work, if the ICU is busy, i can forgo my meals, was so used to havin irregular meals due to shift work and the workload.. i can sometimes onli hav 1meal in a day.. yah, i know it sounds veri scary, but i was so used to tat back in spore, that honestly i dun tink ther's any wrong wif it cos i reali dun feel hungry when i am kept busy.
Over here, its so different.. even when the ward is busy, pple stil go for their break, i hav to go as wel.. and the weather here is freaking cold that always making me hungry.. and thirsty.. i dun eat and drink as much back in spore.. oh man!! and over here, i get so health conscious tat im having fruits and veggies, honey drink, puttin lemon in my water jug, yoghurt, everyday!! wel, tink this is a much normal eating habit yah! ;D

so i am not goin to be affected by the comment of me putting on weight.. cos i hav decided to put on a little bit of weight for the coming WINTER!! hahahha!! ;D when Summer comes, then i will start my exercise regime of Running!

i wanted so much to go jogging when i came over here, but it is reali too cold to run.. prob i am juz finding excuses but reali, i cant stand the temp.. my dear friends know how sensitive i am to cold.. i cant even stand the aircondition temp of 21degrees.. imagine here, its 2-8degrees.. gggrrrrrrhhhhh.... and imagine that when i was sharing room with gloria when we 1st came here, i cant have the warmer in the room on as she cant stand heat.. so everynite i hav to wear my sweaters in the bed wif the covers, with socks and gloves on too!! and stil it was cold for me!! it was worse when i get up in the morning to get my shower.. in the wee hours of half past 4.. even when i hav the thermal wear on, i would stil feel cold. i am like a walkin ghost, always cold upon touch.

so i was veri happy that i can move to a room on my own, when we hav to start payin for the rent of the hosp hostel.. heater on in the room and the bathroom too, and now in the hostel, i can wear my normal t shirts, and to sleep. i am much more warmer person now!! hahhaha!! so much for this post.. ;p time for me to go and sleep, tml's goin to b long busy day for moi!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey GALLLL.. hang in there! When I 1st went to Aussie, I ballooned so much during winter!! 2 x me!! But no worries, you'll definitely lose it when summer comes.

Xiaomin =)