Monday, March 12, 2007

I have forgotten when was the last time i let my hair down
I have forgotten that i do love the rain
And it was just over the weekend, that all these came back to me
Once again i can lift my head high
Starting all over, regaining myself again.

Had some drinks on the sat night and was dancing the whole night through
Onli had 3hours of sleep and was out in the city center with channey for the rest of the day, and i was still full of energy
Was walking in the drizzle after parting with her @ the center
and it was my 1st time here, that i am enjoying the rain, with my ipod playing in the back ground.
No more negative feelings abt the rain over here
Instead, the peace, calm, refreshing feelings for the rain ran through my body,
just like it used to, back home.
It was playing this song, one of my favourite, reminding me why i shld get over willy
and there was a little sadness but no more tears.
Sadness over and then my heart was stil, and calm.
The rain always helped. It always wash my sorrow, sadness, unhappiness and tears away
that is why i love it.

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