Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Went to watch these 2 movies today, all by myself. ;) I think i am getting good @ this now, being independent. this is my 2nd time going to movie all by myself, and honestly i felt great!!
I have to make my Unlimited Movie Pass worthwhile!! All i have to do is to pay 17.50euro every month, and i can watch as many movies i want every month!! ;p
the 1st movie i watched with this unlimited pass was "BLOOD DIAMOND" with Channey.
There's so many good movies coming up, Im going to make full use of this pass!! ;)
Over the weekend, went to watch "THE ILLUSIONIST" wif Yan. ;)
4movies within 2weeks, wat can i say.. ;p

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lordflack said...

17.50 BARGAIN - that's how much I paid in dvd late fees last year! Although ......nothing beats the cine in Dundrum - the VIP section has reclining seats and you can drink wine - noice!