Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Its hard and heartbreaking to realise that i am still waiting and hoping for that someone, in the process of hurting someone else and worse, hurting myself in that way too..
Just like wat aunty carol said abt her daughter.. The more she cant it, the more she wants it.. I think it applies to me too.. .. the more i cant be with him, the longer i wait for him.. the more i cant get over him.. Humans..

I know this is not getting anywhere, and yet, im still @ it.. i know my dear friends would probably want to bang my head on the wall when they going to read this.. but honestly i know u folks wont, u folks love me too much to do tat to me.. but i know u folks wil b real disappointed with me, but do give me time.. Deep inside i know wat i have to do, its juz that i didnt want to do it.. but gues this time round, i really have learnt my lesson well..

Being away from home, from u folks, is oreadi a tough ting to do.. gues getting over W is juz another hurdle for me right now, to get over it and get done with it..

Determination and time is wat i need.. this time i know i can do it.

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