Thursday, April 26, 2007

This is realli not a gd time to post anything as i should b back in bed trying to get as much sleep but .. ;p
working on night shift for a week is not a bad thing but neither its a gd thing to do too.. cos no salsa dancing for the week for me.. and of cos supposingly not going anywher or doin anything for the whole week too..
but wel, today is an exception, although i onli get an hour and a half sleep before going for lunch wif the gals.. its still worth it.. as its a 'farewell' lunch for Martina.. who is leaving dublin to States, San Diego.. and she's leaving on this sat.. so had an hour lunch wif the gals, and supposingly to go straight back home to sleep.. but was 'shopping' ard @ grafton for an hour and spent another hour @ H&F bookshop.. finally back home, and stil not sleepin..

Shucks.. reali gotta get a nap.. starting to have migraine now..

Will post the pics soon!! Lots of photos to put up!!
Was @ CORK last wkend wif Channey & Rebecca, and had a great time!!
And photos @ lunch today!!

Looking forward to May and June!! It is going to be really packed and tight 2 months!!
I LOVE to be kept busy!! ;p


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