Tuesday, April 24, 2007

watched this show on monday morning, and it is reali good!
i think it does reali feel good to be real good @ shooting.. its a form of being in control.. ;)
The world is never fair and just.. ther's always injustice in this world that even the law can do nothing abt it. So somebody, someone, anyone will have to bring the law into his hands..
so actualy when someone does commit a crime.. ther might b a story behind his motives.. Right?
now i have the sudden keen interest of Criminology.. ;p
wel, its oso kinda psychology stuff..
Human mind are indeed complicated.. we can never fully predict or understand each other.. there is always more than one side of a person, when we thought we know this person, he might change into someone whom we dont know.. not reali changed to another person. its just another side of him being surfaced.. Every different type of circumstances in life will bring out a side of us which we might never realised that we will be..

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