Monday, April 30, 2007

Time has flies so fast that i have not realise that i've been here in dublin for more than 6mths.. Not too sure if this is good.. Was looking through the pics in my friendster page, and i really missed the times i had in spore.. i am always surrounded by my family & friends, all the time.. wel, most of the times, onli when im asleep in my bedroom, on my bed, im alone of cos. ;p

Im gettin slightly depressed as well, when looking through the pics tat i'd took.. i am gettin FAT!! DARN!! Realli gotta work hard to get back to my old shape!!! !!! !!!

I think i might start to lose my memory as well.. i hav almost forget that i do have a medical problem that i had onli knew abt it when doing all the health medical checkup for coming over here.. or prob i am just avoiding it and pretending tat it is not ther @ all.. but when recently, i realised that i started to get bruises reali easily.. even if it is onli a light bump on the wall or anything.. the followin nex day, the bruise wil appear.. it wasnt like this b4 honestly..
or prob i hav turn so fair now that i can see the bruises real easily now than b4 when i was so tanned.. im not sure.. oh wel, its juz me crapping again.. this is the effect that im talking abt.. talkin nonsense..

my brain is always so full of stuffs, so packed, that i think my brain cells might die sooner than they shld.. but i juz cant help it.. mayb bcos i kept having this @ the back of my head that i might not hav so much time left.. i dun know why.. its juz abt life is real short, we never know when we'll leave this world..

Finally, going to move out from the hostel, and tomorrow is the big day!! have got most of my stuffs move over to my new home-to-be on sat.. with the help of my housemate-to-be.. ;) wil post the pics up soon with the stuffs that i have accumulated over these few mths here.. im reali in a shock myself when i was packing my stuffs on my own and come to realise how much things i have here.. im pretty amazed with myself too, cos i did all the packin all by myself!! hehehe

Went to the movies and did some shopping as well.. ;) the show is reali kinda bad, but did had a few gd laugh while watchin it.. Reno 911: Miami.. thank God i had the unlimited pass. Bought a few tops for Summer!! nice colorful tops for my Portugal Trip, Paris Trip!! kekekkeke!! cant wait to wear them and take some cool pics!!

And now i hav a new hobby.. or prob a new addiction.. i am addicted to buying books, Travel Books!! Im buying travel books of those plces that i am going.. so excited!! I've always been a book lover anyway.. always love to read.. ;)
hereby i declare my new love..!! TRAVEL BOOKS!! = TRAVELLING

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