Saturday, January 26, 2008

1st trip in this new yr, 2008, i went to berlin wif my galfrens, channey & rebecca who else... to tink tat the trip was oreadi booked in nov, and we're all excited abt it, when we finally meet up back in dublin after the holiday season of dec when we all went back to our HOME respectively. ;)

Another city full of history but bcos we were only ther for a couple of days, we couldnt go to all the plces in berlin.

This is also the 1st trip for me to bring my new Baby, Canon400D. Finally i have got my 'professional camera' frm singapore, and wel, i was alreadi contemplating of gettin it ever since in nov, after my NY boston trip. so as usual, once i start to tink abt wat i want, i usualy would get it, no matter wat's the price.. kekkkeeke.. and although i hav to use up almost all my money to get the camera, lol but hey, money well spent definitely!

Berlin - although the weather sucks on sat, juz like juz another day in dublin, and needless to say... COLD... but stil being out of dublin, tat thought reali wins over the cold weather.. ;p
on our last night in berlin, we went to one of the danceclubs in this city and were dancing the whole nite away.. and it seems that it was a long time ago since i last did tat.. dancing the whole nite away... not salsa this time.. couldnt reali check out the salsa scene in berlin due to the time constraint, and to tink tat the 2 of them dun salsa, but stil, tat obviously didnt stop me frm enjoyin and dancing away. ;p

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