Saturday, December 02, 2006

dear folks, i had passed through the 6weeks of adaptation period, yeah! now gotta wait for abt another 2wks, to get all the paper documents to get my full registration here. so this coming 2 wks will stil b under supervised and i am stil a pre-registered nurse. never mind abt all these terms.. the end msg is that i would be a registered nurse by the end of the yr. isn't tat great? its a fabulous xmas present for myself. ;)

last yr xmas, i gave a great present to a kid in mongolia by being his sponsor, through the World Vision. ;) tat's y i put up its link in my blog as wel. ;p

xmas xmas xams.. every yr i would b busy buying presents for my family, close frens, having parties.. decorating the house.. last 2 yrs, i had xmas dinner party organised for my whole family and all of us had a great time. i missed all the stuffs tat i do back in spore, how busy i am.. here, its relaxing.. nothing much for me to do, cos i actualy dun reali wanna do much as well.. prob its the weather.. juz wanna stay home, dun wanna go out much.. esp goin to the city center.. i dun wanna buy anything but stil would end up spending money buyin stuffs. so the best way is to stay home! but then, i would spend in buying groceries, and im enjoying it,

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evie said...

Ur X'mas is going to be a different experience in Dublin! I'm envious!