Sunday, January 28, 2007

forgot to mention that i oso miss ALL the ACTION of work in SICU,
miss working wif all my 'hardworking' colleagues,
miss working wif the anaesthetists in the ICU,
miss everyone @ work !! !! !!

i miss working in the Damn ICU environment..!! !! !!

but its not easy for me to get the transfer to the icu here though.. not as wat i thought..
and.. i dun reali know if it's wise of me to do tat too..
hmm.. so i gotta do my 'calculations, research' very carefully

or prob i can start making my 'other' plans now... ;>
or i can juz go back spore and get back to the life that i had left..
tat sounds reali veri tempting.. shucks!!

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