Thursday, January 11, 2007

FunderLand @ Dublin Conquered!!! ;D
Won 2 small teddy bears from funderland.. kekeke..
although i've always wanted to have a BIG TEDDY BEAR!!!!
but im happy that i at least got 2 cute bears! ;p

Ice Skating Conquered!! !!
This ice-skating thingy has been on since b4 xmas, and wanted to go since then, but couldnt find the right time til today!!
hav not been ice-skating for the longest time i can ever remember.. .. the last time i went ice-skate, prob its when i was stil in sec sch!! Woah!!
thankfully, i dun hav to go alone on my own, cos luckily Joanne know how to ice-skate as well, and she's been longing to go as well!! ;D

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