Sunday, May 13, 2007

Went to watch SPIDEY yest wif Channey, and reali liked this one! the black outfit is reali cool!!
Well, like the concept about a HERO can oso lose himself.
Its true when people who are gettin too full of themselves, their head are gettin too big, over confident.. they will lose themselves in their own mighty world, they think..
Hatred is another word, tat is so strong to be used and to feel, that it would change one's character, personality, everything abt a person.
One wil never find happiness or be happy if he hates a person. Hatred is a total negative feeling that one shld never ever have it.. that my philosophy of life..
i hav never hated a person b4 so far.. wel, basically, i dun wanna waste my time in my life to do tat.. no matter how hurt i am.. i just forget everything abt it and moved on. ;)
There are always better things or pple coming along.. just keep on moving.
Think i shld start reading some philosophy books.. =p i have so many philosophies for myself oreadi!

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