Saturday, November 03, 2007

CAnt believe that its actualy November now, and nex mth i'll be gettin on the plane again.. and this time round, its going to b a long flight.. to singapore!!
Supposingly wanted to give a big surprise to all my friends and family, but it is reali hard to keep on lying to them that im not comin back.. esp after what peishi told me what she's been going through, and everyone kept on askin me when am i comin back.. so unwillingly but stil happily leaked the secret out a little, telling them that i'll b back in Dec. kekekeke. So now, everybody is looking forward to see me back home, but the big secret is none of them knew when exactly. lol except 2 of my friends.. the 2 whom might b away frm spore during the time when i'll b back..

this is my 1st time going back to spore for holiday after being away for more than a yr, honestly, i am realli excited and looking forward to it..! especially this time is specially for my dear sister's wedding. if not, i wouldnt have go back @ the end of the yr, cos the flight ticket is reali expensive.. i can actualy go to 2-3 different countries with the amount for the ticket that i paid for to go back... but wel, its my one and onli sister's wedding, i definitely cant miss that!

its reali unbelievable that i have done so many trips too within the time im here in dublin...
feb - london
may - portugal
june - norway, paris, barcelona & rome
oct - new york & boston
in ireland - Cork, bray, galway, westport, glendalough, giant causeway, howth,

and more to come... have alreadi booked some trips for nex yr !!

March - Stockholm
May - Brastilavia (slovakia)
Feb - wanna go blackpool salsa congress
Sept/Oct -wanna go New york salsa congress
Nov - New york for Tor & Christine wedding (tentatively)
Wel, we're planning to go to germany too, in jan! so tentatively, almost booked out on the alternate mths, with trips wif Channey and Rebecca!!! !!!

Does it sound crazy?? Honestly, i dun tink so!! !! I am Reali looking forward to all the trips that im goin to have! be it with the gals or mayb with chris.. i dun reali care wher im going, as long as im at somewher!! ;D
Gues im really a born traveller eh?!! lol
there are stil so many plces for me to go and explore..!!

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