Saturday, November 17, 2007

I really dont know why am i always writing in the middle of the night.. Not because i have insomnia.. i dont have any trouble faling asleep.. but guess its always @ the late hours of the night, and when im still up, emotions, feelings, inspiration will juz flows.. lol

Was walking back home alone earlier after watchin 2 movies wif channey nad rebecca, with my fav songs playin frm my ipod mini.. thoughts were running through my mind.. especially after watching 2 really gd movies, that will set my mind thinking about so many other things in life, about life.. like Chris and i always said, our minds are always busy.. busy like a bumble bee.. ..

I have this thoughts, feelings when i was walking alone back home..
I am always alone.. that was when im single
and i am still feeling that im alone even though i am in a relationship.. isnt tat weird?
although not many pple can stand this kind of loneliness, sadly but true, that is oso why ther r always pple who always end up with the wrong partner.. most pple are in a bad relationship bcos they cant stand loneliness..
i dont know y i am feeling that way, although i shldnt b.. but even though we r in a r/s, that doesnt mean that u wont have the time to b on yr own, alone.. its gd to have time for yrself, u know.. everyone shld learn how to embrace that. bcos this is the moment when u can find yrself once again. but of cos, its not healthy to b alone most of the time too. oh wel, i am definitely not a lone ranger, cos i love pple too, i love the interaction betw pple, that is when u will feel yrself being alive, and the world is still a beautiful plce. ;)

Alrite - movie reviews.. its been such a long time since i do this, its not that i have not watchin any movies, prob im juz being lazy.. kekekkekeke

Jane Austen Book Club - i was reading the book mths back but a pity that i have not comepleted reading the book, but i am really glad that the movie came out! ;)
I really like the idea of the Jane Austen Book club thingy.. 5 women and 1 man meeting up reading and discussing about the novels written by Jane Austen.. Although all of them are reading the same novel at the same time, but not everyone will feel or think the same way, and this is so true in the real world... everyone of us have our own perspective, and all of us are different and special, and that what makes us unique individual.. the character, Jocelyn, very much remind of myself.. i remembered myself as doing the same thing as she did, pushing guys who are interested in me, to my friends.. or to distract myself, or to prevent myself frm falling in love.. ;)

This story has a gd ending for every character, and its reflecting actualy, how we can do that too, have a happy ending for our own stories of our lives, if u try to, if u want to, if u believe.

This movie, "How About you" , is a brilliant movie too.. and another surprise is that, I have read this story too, and it was juz last week that i had read the short story frm the book that Ross has given me as a bday present. ;) Isnt it weird?? lol

How one's life is changed after having working in the elderly home, and how she changed their lives too.. this reminds me of my job.. taking care of sick pple, old pple, having touching their lives in the smallest little way, and they do the same thing to mine.. that is y i love my job too..

Our lives are always touched, changed by every body we meet in life, u might not notice it.. but if u really look into yr heart, look carefully, u will find it very true..

one phase frm the movie - "its not about what pple say, is what they do, that is more impt."

There are always folks who are mean frm their mouth, but in their heart.. they might not b as mean as what they appears to be.. not everyone is able to express their affection, care, love verbally..
Actions Do Speak Louder than Words!! !!

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