Sunday, November 18, 2007

My ever 1st salsa performance in dublin, which went very well last night, and right now, im still pretty hyped out frm it! lol

wel, although ther's stil not perfect, but hey, this is our 1st performance, we wil perfect it by the next performance! wel, im glad that i did not messed up my own part! lol 'pat pat on my both shoulders' honestly, i wasnt scared or nervous at all when we all walked out for the performance.. im pretty surprised that i was kinda calm, prob bcos i know ther r other pple in the team who were more nervous than me, lol wel,u prob can spot them frm the video ;p

And the funniest thing is that we didnt remembered to take a group picture after the performance!! which is reali totally unusual of me though... the 1st thing the girls do after the performance, is that they remove their eye make up and changin out of their outfits.. so did i then.. oh wel, anyway, we wil b havin another one nex mth, so then wil take the grp pic! kekekekeke

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