Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ever wonder who is the next one who wil comes along into yr life?
Who has ever comes into yr life and changed it for the better? or worse?
Or would you ever let someone to come into yr life in any way?

I remembered Varun once said that im transparent.. every one, anyone can see through me very easily, cos i expressed all my emotions.. that was true, and stil it is, but it has slightly changed since i had that comment frm him.. ;)

I am still quite an opened book, when most of the time, pple can still read me what im thinking about, what im feeling abt.. but i have also learned how to hide and keep some of the more important feelings to myself..

especially after travelling, being alone in the foreign country where i have to start my life all new again, i have certainly grew so much., but of cos, without losing any part of myself, to all my friends and family who hav known me for almost all my life in singapore, yes, i am stil the Angeline u once knew, i have not changed, but i had grown. ;)

my life has certainly changed for the better, ever since i have started anew here in dublin.
all that happens for the past one yr, has opened my eyes, my life and myself, and im glad that i had made the move to get out of my comfortable cosy zone back home.

its time for me to get some sleep, after nite shift.. im always puttin up crappy post when im sleepy.. .. shucks.. .. ;p

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Chris said...

we all have a side like that, where we hide things, sometimes the things we really want to say/show! There could be many reasons why we do this, But as time goes on, these things slowly come out...and yeah you're sleepy haha but i like those posts best, sometimes they are what you are really feeling most!