Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I know that im truly blessed when there are actually more than 5 different friends who wanted to fetch me frm the airport when im going back to spore... that's really a very touching thought, and i really appreciated it.. but thanks..

i have not tell anyone when am i actually touching dwn @ the airport.. i really wanna give all my dear family and friends a really gd surprise... well, considering that i was not suppose to tell anyone that i am coming back in dec.. and now, almost everybody knows tat.. so the date is really a big secret now! lol

so pple, stop asking me for the date ok? ;)

i will definitely call up u folks, everyone of u, when im in town ya!

and one thing.. stop asking if im bringing my bf along..

i think i shld come up with a list of things to do, pple to meet when im in town, so that i wont leave anyone out this time before i fly back to freaky cold dublin.... i really dont wanna think abt that though!! !!

i am really thinking a little too far ahead, am i??
not back in singapore yet, and im thinking abt the flight back to dublin already.... geez...

wel, prob i am moving a little too fast sometimes eh... imagine that my trips for next yr are already booked for Jan, March, May.. And Nov too.... lol , well, that's all thanks to Channey and Rebecca honestly!! Cos they are the ones who booked the tickets and decide where to go, since i have not been many european countries, im the easiest to travel, kekkekeeke

things to look forward to:
- 1st performance on this Sat for Suavemente Dance Studio Anniversary Party
- being back home in Dec
- sister's wedding
- berlin trip in Jan
- blackpool trip in feb (have not book that ticket yet though)
- Stockholm in March
- Bratislavia, Slovakia in May

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