Friday, November 16, 2007

I am slowly getting excited, happy about tomorrow.. it is going to be my 1st salsa performance, and in dublin as well...

Although, i have done some other kind of performance before, but as for salsa, this is my very 1st. ;) just hope that everything will go on very well for tomorrow.

Will try to take loads of pictures or video too.

At this point of time, i was really wishing and hoping that i am back in spore, cos i know all my close friends, they would definitely come and support me, prob even my family, even though they dont dance salsa at all.. that really means so much to me, cos i know no matter what i do, where i go, they are always giving me all their support and love. that is why i also love them so much!

But of cos, im in dublin now, not in spore.. but stil, i have 2 supporting galfriends who wil also do the same as my loves in spore would do.. ;) that is y i know that i am truly blessed. ;)

im really glad to have known them here in dublin, and we have all grown so close to one another, and we know the fact that even though we might have to part one of these days, the friendship between us is definitely going on a long way too! ;)

wel, although my this new bf is not able to come and support me for the performance, bcos he has to b in london for work.. but wel, i am still going to have a blasting time @ the party and for the performance! ;) lol
nothing or nobody is going to change tat! lol

cant wait to let u folks see the performance!!!!!!

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