Friday, December 08, 2006

all these times, i usualy spend my wkends @ home, or either go to church or groceries shopping or shopping in the city centre.. now, finally. i am goin away for a short while.. although its goin to be onli a day trip but wel, i am stil qutie excited abt it cos we r goin to the more east side of Ireland, COUNTY MAYO.

Dublin, where i am now, we r more to the east of Ireland.. will b goin to mayo wif lyn, alan & glen. lyn is one of the philipinos frm my batch, and she was workin in spore b4 coming to here.. someone who loves to cook, and one who can chat wif me abt singapore food, hahahha..

waiting for them to come back frm work then we wil set off to mayo, alan wil b driving.. so it's going to b a long car ride, but hey i dun mind, i can enjoy the scenery, hopefully i dun fall asleep in the car which i usualy normally do... ;p

wait for my beautiful pics to b up ya!! ;D

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