Monday, December 04, 2006

Irish food, @ St stephen's shopping center.. the same plce wher Gloria and i had for lunch 1mth ago, this time round, we onli have the soup and dessert. the soup is big and filling.. and nice!! the 1st time we're @ the restaurant, we had the main dish and soup, and it was super filling.. i remembered that the guy who served us behind the counter.. he gave me so much of the mash potato.. i was surprised when i realised wat a pile of the mash he gave when we seated @ our table.. he didnt give as much to glo though.. although i did kinda complaining how come he gave me so much.. i finished everything that is on my plate.. ;p
anyway, if any of u folks r coming over here for holiday, i wil definitely bring u to this plce... ;) and the price, i would say its rather affordable.. 1 big bowl of soup is abt 4euro (S$8) and the dessert i have, was abt 3euro (S$6).. this time although a change of the server, but my share of dessert is stil bigger than glo's..

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