Saturday, December 23, 2006

gosh, i felt so tired today after work.. suppoingly to be having a peaceful day, but juz one collapse of pt reali kept us up to our toes for few hours! and it is my 1st time showing to them my serious temperament, esp during such resuscitation!

it was in such a mess when i went over to help and reali couldnt stand the unorganised N.staffs, i 'told off' the specific staff, and finally everything got in control. Sigh.. it was kinda disappointing to see how bad she had managed the situation, anyway, it doesnt matter anymore, as long as pt did received the best resuscitation care. luckily we have the right senior ard too.
anyway, this is a good way and experience to know who is reali a good worker and who is not.

another lesson learned today:
no matter wat present u received frm the xmas jingle, no matter how crap you tink it is, dun ever throw it away frm the plce you hav taken it, cos the sender might see it in the bin, and the situation would get reali embarrassing.

PS - of cos it doesnt happen to me, cos i would never ever do tat. i always keep all the presents that i received. it was someone from the workplce here who had done it and my god, it was reali veri sucky..

so folks, rem, if you reali dun like wat u had received, dispose it after xmas. Or u can give it to someone else who u tink wil appreciate the present, or to someone whom you reali dun like. ;p

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